Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cosmic Love


I've been

with you all along

I didn't see it
the way I do now...

when I have felt

withheld from love...

the tender caress, the kisses

I saw that every drop from the sky
are wet kisses from the clouds
and every blow of your breath
from the wind
the caress.

hug me in the
warmth of your
solar embrace

~my love is
as big as you~

I want to
shine in my heart
like the galaxies
that grace the vision
you have bestowed me with

I am in awe of your intelligence
and the cosmic laws
you have manifest into being.

I begin seeing


with fresh eyes

like a newborn
to her

Nothing Less

Ask my favorite color

And I will answer

the spectrum of light,

for there is beauty

in the vibration

which carries them all.

There is no time

like the present

to love,

no sense in waiting

for some distant future,

for what unfolds

in ones sacred center

ought to be shared

with any and all

as the sun emits

its glory

to its system

in equal measure

and without condition.

The sacred waters

of heart floods

cannot be

dammed up

there is

no barrier

to this

grand expression,

no level of fear

to vanquish this

divine flow...

Let go,


to the will

of this

sacred task

one must fulfill.

Dispensate beauty,



and care...

There must be

nothing less

now that

one is



Shift my locus of focus

from the individuated self

to the all encompassing being

seeing beyond the illusion

of space to the animus

of manifest form

varying degrees of density

oscillating in patterns

of infinite intelligence

which vibrate in accordance

with a higher force

all beingness

is an expression

from the one

divine source