Sunday, July 30, 2006


Words spring forth

from one

through one

as one

from Sophia, the father, and son

the thrice great one

triple sun

Sol~ OM ~On...

Spreading words 

of Spiritual Light

to illumine thine sight


is the blood of Alef

Alef=life death life death life death

Dalet~the door to the cosmic breath

Floods the Spiritual waters, the sea of Mem

Yod fire merged with Ruach merged with the waters of Mem

MRY's prayer to the HaMephorash of Shem

the four chambers

the heart

the cross and the rose

formed within

because I chose

A DaM~ma
Mine blood
is thine blood
my cross with rose bloomed

mine blood was the San Graal consumed


oversoul of our race

The image

and like-ness of divine grace


mine was in thine own image and form

I gave a burnt offering

the secret prayer of 3

in reverence and love

and a desire for peace

and through my tears

I emitted mine spheres

mine light released

Surrounding me

Twelve Elementals: HV ZCh TY LN SO TzQ

the 12 angles pierced through my emanations round

overcome with love as an anchor to ground

NOW is the hour and our time of need

I heard the call of the all

and offered mine body

to plant the new seed

converging heaven and earth deep within me

I am now a firmly rooted tree

I am of the sovereign order

A High Priestess

Chohan Ma'Gadol

a Dragon Queen

perfoming the rite

near the time of the new moon

planets aligned

in astrological signs

I was Water in Fire

The sacrificial EWE

In the time of LEO

the lion and the lamb

EWE=heveh =EVE

Heh=Vav=Heh paired with

Yod fire and the Shin

I became the new name


I opened the gates

and summoned the Fates

ishliel =444


a divine messenger


I am Isha

The arc of the covenant

it is TRUTH

it is REAL

and in this writing

is the revelation revealed

I offered Lamed

mine body the bread

my blood as the wine

for mine beloved

{mine body is thine}

in reverence and supplication

I bow before thee


Neptunes trident

has pierced through me

as protection for the ages throughout infinities

and during that time of mine anchoring

this form appeared in a field

due to mine yield

REV: 5: 5

The LION of Yehuda prevails
and has opened the seals


the lion of Judah

Judah= Yehuda

Yehuda= the one for whom YHVH is praised

from the philosophers stone, the sword has been raised

the tabernacle and the church

The New Jerusalem

the City of Bethlehem

was mine body that blessed night

a phoenix has taken fight

I am the root



and fruit

"you will recognize the signs that will be inserted into your reality"

from the message entitled "first"

one year from the time of mine will fulfilled

^^ a message was placed in a field ^^


an evolution of

divine powers that wield

a new dispensation

a new kingdom

a return of the ONE

the Grand Revelation is NOW

and has already begun...